How to Complete Your Business Plan Workbook

In this screencast video, BizBritain business advisor Ollie Collard walks you through how to complete each of the 4 Start Up Loan workbook tabs step by step. The video covers how to fill out your:

0:00    | Intro
1:43    |  Business Plan (BP)
19:49  |  Personal Survival Budget (PSB)
25:56  |  Sales Assumptions (SA)
34:55  |  Cash-flow Forecast (CFF)

If you have further questions, please remember that your business advisor is always on hand to help you complete your application.

Remember, your business plan workbook only needs to be a first draft - it's always better to submit something to than nothing at all.

Useful resource:

In the video, Ollie refers to creating personas and honing in on your target audience. Here's the link:


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