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Joining BizBritain gives you access to the finance and support you need to make sure that your business reaches its maximum potential. It only takes a few seconds to join, and it’s completely free. Once you’re a member you’ll get access to a whole host of benefits including group discounts, access to our community of members, access to funding and more.


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Business Loans

We can help you to obtain business loans for a variety of uses and business types. We specialise in Start Up Loans. 

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The BizBritain marketplace is where you can find a wide range of resources ranging from discount codes to insurance. 

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The BizBritain directory is a great place to promote your business as well as seek out suppliers for all your needs. 

Businesses that we work with are 4 times more likely to achieve funding!

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Business Loans

As well as being an official Delivery Partner of the government’s Start-Up Loans Scheme, BizBritain can provide you access to a range of other business loans. We can also help you in your efforts to build your business plan and loan application, in order to give you the best chances of being successful.

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See what our clients have to say...

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BizBritain Marketplace

Come and explore the BizBritain Marketplace, where you will find a great range of resources including discount codes, business insurance, help-sheets, train tickets for business travel, business banking products and more.

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"Thank you and your staff for all the support, it's been an amazing week, and new doors have opened up. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. Wow!"

Stephen Cullen, 42

"This was not just a loan application, you opened a window of reality into the business world. Your invaluable guidance has just been enlightening, thank you so much."

Takesure Albert Makuvaza

"Myself and Ant would just like to say a huge thank you for everything you have done for use so far, you have helped us turn a dream into reality, and for that we are very thankful."

Lyndsey and Anthony Price, 33 and 40

"Myself and Colin are really enjoying ourselves and are really grateful for all the help and support BizBritain has given. This was our dream for the last 10+ years, and you guys made it happen. AWESOME!"

Steven Jenkins and Colin Harris

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you to BizBritain. Without you I would have never been able to get my own business up and running. Sounds silly but you have made my dream. So thank you so so much. I'll be grateful forever."

Craig Price

"Thanks very much for all your hard work Alison, you have helped to enable myself to make a big step in my business which will create a launch pad for further growth in the future. I put a deposit down on a very tidy tractor yesterday and hope to get the rest of the equipment within the next few weeks."

Rob Marpole

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