Why Remote Working is a Great Option For Start-Ups

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Why Remote Working is a Great Option For Start-Ups

With ever increasing advances in communications technology, more and more business people are now buying into the idea of remote working. For start-up entrepreneurs, being able to work remotely from varying locations is not only useful for flexibility; it’s also a great way for those who work from a home office to get a change of scenery.

Recent research carried out by Regus has shown that feelings of “cabin fever” are a big concern amongst workers, with 53% suffering the effects.

For new entrepreneurs, particularly sole-traders, feelings of isolation can also be a big issue. Working remotely is a great way to avoid these pitfalls. Below we’ve outlined some of the key findings from study carried out by Regus:

  • 56% claimed that remote working helps with concentration

  • 55% indicated that working remotely improved their travel schedule

  • 58% said that remote working allowed them to be nearer customers or prospects

Remote working is increasingly being used as a complete alternative to maintaining a fixed office in a wide range of businesses. Even many established companies are now choosing to operate purely on a remote basis because it provides huge savings on overheads, and allows them to hire staff based on ability rather than geographic location.

Given the possible cost savings and the numerous perceived benefits to the people in your business, operating a remote working setup using one of the many providers now available in the UK is definitely worth serious consideration.