About BizBritain

How it all started

BizBritain was first founded in March 2012 by multi award winning entrepreneur Matt Gubba as a resource to help people start their own business, after he saw a need to create alternative options for the rising levels of people choosing not to go university. Having left school at the age of 16 himself, Matt has always held the passionate belief that success in business doesn’t require a degree.

In 2013, BizBritain became a national delivery partner of the the Start Up Loans scheme, a £350 Million government fund which was set in motion by Lord Young and chaired by former BBC Dragon and entrepreneur, James Caan. At the time of writing this, BizBritain has funded almost 2,000 Startups with a combined total of £20 Million.

By 2016, BizBritain had become a fully FCA authorised financial services company, brokering a range of financial products and access to investors for start-ups and SMEs, and in 2018 partnered with lender ThinCats to launch a £50 Million SME growth fund.

Matt gubba

Team BizBritain

Matt gubba 20a4f579200b83ca05954aae301ae64a2fff440e244fdde59e049a197bfbf425

Matt Gubba

CEO & Founder

Gary lennon 8fa94014f7e6004d4a3998c20aaa3a2192e7216ca3cc0e23a5eef6b7eb9833f2

Gary lennon

Business Development Director

Keith stokes 96a080153c1188c01d99fcc7c5f1d20f596d98c99865e845271ca66362b65331

Keith Stokes

Head of Credit

Claire lingwood b0c9060d772be15551e6eed1927e06588522aa12997973b382e7d6b0e9eaab8b

Claire Lingwood

Operations Manager

Alison wallace ab23d95cb87123d09726f452aaf6476b91921bb237ab5dad09c752941e17c701

Alison Wallace

Customer Service Manager

Clare makepeace 22b3ae90d5af57f8efc3b154d91b2311c22d48bbbfe2fa77cd11d3e68b2fc462

Clare Makepeace

Business Development Manager

Matt stokes ca358e279c91a00ec9cfffa0a37841d2d07dabdb5e38ad54e4a79391bf99dfba

Matthew Stokes

Business Analyst

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