How to Skyrocket Links to That Content You Forgot About

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How to Skyrocket Links to That Content You Forgot About

We all have pieces of evergreen content that have fallen off our radar. While some content loses its relevance or appeal over time, there is plenty that could enjoy a content renaissance with a targeted link building campaign. By strategically refreshing and repurposing older pieces and combining them with customised outreach, you can reinvigorate forgotten content and score a surge of new links for them.

Revaluate Your Aged Content's Potential

While you may not have touched or promoted certain articles in ages, revaluating them with fresh eyes can reveal untapped backlink potential. Many well-researched informational pieces, top lists, explainers, and even some how-to’s likely still have merit for your audience and within your niche – their link building opportunities have simply stagnated. Look at your older content related to popular keywords or perennial topics in your space. Could that content compete for featured placement or links if it had an update? With a content refresh and link building services UK, you can restart the link momentum.

Update to Make it Link Worthy Again

While you should not overhaul an evergreen piece to the point that it is unrecognisable, targeted updates and additions improve the content's authority and "linkability." Add new supporting data, industry information, expert perspectives or counter arguments. Expand on points that could benefit from elaboration to craft a more comprehensive resource. Check for outdated details that undermine the content's value and revise them. Ensure a natural link building opportunity exists within each major section. These niche edits transform your content into a premium resource that warrants links and gives you additional angles for outreach. 

Try Content Repurposing and Expansion

Along with revisions, content expansion or repurposing presents fresh link prospects. Turn an old blog article into a comprehensive free tool, checklist or guide to download from your site. Convert a post into an infographic, slide deck or video. Interview industry experts on the topic and craft their commentary into an updated, authoritative piece structured around the discussion. Publish excerpts as guest articles to place backlinks to your original. All of these content refreshes breathe new promotional life into an existing asset.

Strategize Your Link Outreach  

The most brilliant content upgrade means little without a strategy to gain placements, links and engagement. Develop a targeted list of websites and influencers that would benefit from your refreshed content. Prioritise ones where the content did not already receive links. 

Your outreach presents the content as new and improved while subtly reminding them of its relevance. Mention any data refreshes, expert perspectives or analysis you added to transform the dated post into a current authoritative resource. 

Keep Your Eye on Overlooked Assets

While you likely concentrate most of your promotion on new releases, routinely revisiting your content library can skyrocket links for forgotten gems. Even evergreen pieces years old can enjoy a content and outreach makeover generating placement and links as if newly published. Consistently maintaining and monitoring your current portfolio pays dividends but reactivating neglected content opens entirely new link building opportunities that position your site as an authority. 

With careful revaluation, thoughtful content upgrades and strategic new pitches, forgotten evergreen posts can rapidly rebuild relevance. Targeted updates and outreach reintroduce them as timely resources meriting featured placement and links.