Why it’s Important to Develop Leads

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Why it’s Important to Develop Leads

Leads are the driving force behind the majority of businesses, they represent future work, revenue and relationships that need to be carefully nurtured and maintained.

Platforms such as FLG are a great way to nurture leads that come into a business as they make their way into your sales pipeline and you attempt to convert a lead into a sale.

But what steps should you take to make sure that a lead doesn’t run cold and avoid a potentially lucrative revenue stream failing to materialise?


To stop a lead from going cold it’s important that the lead doesn’t feel as though it is being ignored.

Keep in mind that your relationship management might be the first personalised piece of contact a potential client has with your business. This is a fantastic opportunity to make a good first impression and start a potential working relationship off on the right track.

Your initial contact should be prompt and establish a line of communication that helps to learn more about the lead and strengthen the offering you can provide to them.

Don’t hound the client

Once you’ve made contact with a lead, communication can become more of a back and forth process. Sometimes you might send some information or a request over to a lead and then need to wait for a response.

In these situations, it is important that you don’t come across as hounding a lead. Have a clearly defined process for getting in touch which states how long to wait before trying to re-establish contact. This might be a case of waiting a number of days or weeks before sending an email or making a phone call.

Not hounding a lead is important to ensure that they don’t feel unnecessarily pressured, or you look desperate. Sensible contact shows you’re keen to work with a business and maintain communication but also give a lead enough space to think and respond to you.

Deliver on promises

The other key way to maintain and develop a lead is to deliver on what you promise. If you say you’ll deliver a quote by a certain time for instance, then it’s important that you make that deadline.

Keep in mind that you aren’t working with the lead yet and this process is about building a relationship and making the right impression to ensure you get work.

Missing deadlines and not delivering on simple elements to bring the work in can set alarm bells ringing in potential clients that could see them take their business elsewhere.

Put processes in place

From getting in touch to chasing up leads that go quiet or providing materials to a prospective client it is important to have processes in place.

These help to ensure that you follow a procedure that allows you to manage leads effectively but also help to make the various tasks associated with maintaining a lead into much more streamlined actions.

Having processes in place ensures you don’t accidentally overlook something or ignore a client, while also helping you to be in a position to respond to requests for additional information or provide details of quotes or costings.

This can make you appear much more responsive as a business, this feeds directly into the positive impression you should look to make on any lead.

Keeping these points in mind when dealing with any sales lead can help your business to nurture potential business and move leads closer to the point that they convert into work.