Where to Start: Business Funding in the UK

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Where to Start: Business Funding in the UK

When starting a business venture, there’s lot to consider. Location, the risks involved, and the money that’s available to you. It’s difficult to know if you’re truly ready to take the steps towards success.

We’ve all got to start somewhere, and helping businesses achieve great things is government-backed lending company, Start Up Loans helping thousands of businesses to grow each year.

Could you be the next best thing?

The company recently created a detailed interactive that demonstrates all of the funding that was given across the UK in 2017. For example, London received the most financial support at 3.7 million, more than the whole of Scotland!

Area examples:

  • Yorkshire and the Humber received the most for pubs and bars than any other regions – £87,250

  • The East of England received the most money for fitness facilities – £80,000

  • Wales received £99,140 for takeaways and mobile food stands

  • Scotland received more investment than any other region for hair and beauty - £244,160

The interactive reveals the most popular lending spots. Scroll through to find out what’s happening in your area! You might get the inspiration you needed.