What Type of Van is Best For Your Business?

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What Type of Van is Best For Your Business?

Looking for the right van for your business? Then read on to discover our top tips for finding the right van. Finding the right van is all about what you want and what it will be used for; here are a few factors you should consider before leasing or buying a van:

Load weight and type

First and foremost, consider what your van will need to carry during the course of its duties. How heavy a load will your van need to bear and what dimensions will it need to accommodate? Also, what height will be best suited to your needs? Will you need to fit pallets, bags, sacks, bales or equipment of varying sizes into your van? Also, will your loads require any specialist equipment such as a refrigeration system to keep them in good condition? If you only carry heavy loads on an occasional basis, you might be better off hiring a larger vehicle every now and again, as the need arises.


For ease of use, how do you want to access your van, from the back or the side? Where will you be loading or unloading your van, will access be restricted (in a busy city centre for example) or will you be using specialist equipment such as a forklift truck to load your vehicle?


Another important consideration is how many people you’ll need to accommodate. How many people will be travelling in your van on a day-to-day basis? Will there simply be a driver or a team of colleagues too, so how many seats will you require? Would you benefit from a crew van with extra seats behind the front seats for example?

Journey length

For what sort of journey do you need your van? Are you likely to be undertaking multiple local trips or longer journeys that entail motorway travel for example?


Give a thought to the security you need in place and check if your insurance policy makes any specifications in this regard. Do you need extra locks, a camera or telematics system?


Consider your finances and whether you want to lease or buy a van, new or second-hand. Do you want to buy a van outright, or lease a van, making regular, but potentially smaller payments? Also consider the ongoing costs such as fuel costs, maintenance, services and insurance.

Re-sale value

Also, if you’re buying your van, then give some thought to how much demand there would be for your vehicle in the second-hand market.

Custom solutions

Look to van leasing companies, and they may well be able to provide you with custom solutions that will meet your specific business needs. Van leasing companies could help you to find the right van for your business, with expert help on hand to advise you.

So there you have an overview of things you should consider when searching for the next van for your business. From the length of your journeys to the people and loads you’ll need to accommodate, consider these key factors and you’ll be well on the road to finding your next van.