What to Consider When Designing an Office Space in Your Home

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What to Consider When Designing an Office Space in Your Home

Working from home can have its advantages and disadvantages. It can be great to work from the comfort of your own home, but if you’ve failed to create an office space that is efficient and gives you information, you could feel as though you’re cooped up in an unpleasant space. That’s why we’ve compiled some tips to consider when designing the perfect office space in your home.

Embrace natural light

Make the most of natural light by placing your desk either in front of a sunny window or, if you’ll feel distracted by what’s going on outside, beside the window instead. If you wish to situate your home office in a room without much natural light, consider something such as a lantern roof. This is a modern, architectural improvement that will provide light for the room directly below. Don’t worry if you have to rely on lamps for your light, however, as there are many designed especially for home offices that offer a soft glow.

Don’t skimp on storage

You might not have the space to go for purpose-built office storage such as dedicated filing cabinets, drawers or shelves to keep everything organised but if you do, this will be the perfect storage option. If your home office is smaller, invest in something such as a storage ottoman or a trunk that will store files and paperwork or try open shelves that will allow you easy access to the important things.

Personalise effectively

If you’re dedicating time to creating an office space in your home, then the likelihood is that you will spend a lot of time there. If this is the case, you’ll want to personalise your space effectively so that you never feel that your home office space is a burden. Studies have even shown that personalising your office space can give you a greater sense of job satisfaction, boosting your morale and adding to your overall happiness. Try adding things such as a cushion for your office chair, some family photos or a potted plant that will inject some of the outdoors into your interior space.

Keep it quiet

When dedicating a room or space in your home for an office, try to avoid areas that are usually affected by traffic noise and instead find a quiet corner of the house to work in. You won’t want your home office near busy rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom and the living room because household sounds can be easily distracting. You can soundproof your home office quite easily by upgrading doors and adding layers of insulation which may be the best option if you have limited space in your home and no other option than to have an office space situated amongst the noise.

Be comfortable

One word that comes to mind here is ‘ergonomics’. When investing in the design of a home office, you should never forget to invest in equipment that will be beneficial to your health and wellbeing. Buy an ergonomic desk chair that will ensure you don’t begin to suffer from a backache and consider things like footrests and soft keyboard pads that will allow you to rest your wrist as you work.