Social Media Marketing Hacks That Unlock Results

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Social Media Marketing Hacks That Unlock Results

Conquering the world of social media can seem like a daunting task, but if you want to get your brand out there and raise awareness to play in the big leagues, you will need to know how to grab the internet’s fickle attention on social media. Read on for some of our top hacks to get results on social media.

Schedule your tweets

Twitter is one of the fastest paced and most immediate platforms to communicate today, with a massive userbase who are now well-used to the rules and conventions of the site. To build up a regular presence and name on Twitter takes time, and it can be worth devising a month’s worth of themed and general interest tweets ahead of time and then priming them to be sent at set times using the service TweetDeck. This service lets you choose when your tweets will go live.

Originally an independent tool, TweetDeck was eventually acquired by Twitter. It is free to use and can hugely simplify your social media strategy if you can have one meeting a month and come out of it with all subsequent tweets ready to be sent when you want. Just remember it is there in case you have a change of direction and need to go back and change your future tweets, so your subscribers do not get confused.

Do not be afraid to use influencers

Influencers play a valuable role in the ecosystem of the attention economy, with millions of people willing to listen to their preferred influencers’ advice and take on different options for nearly every item imaginable. If you look up an Instagram Influencer Agency you will be able to find what is best for promoting your brand to thousands of young people who are not reached by conventional advertising. Whatever your business there will be a narrative that you can find and which an influencer can bring to life and draw on to make your business reach a huge new potential audience.

Consistently create blog posts

A weekly blog which updates consistently can start off as a small draw and then grow and grow in popularity over time. A blog can be a good place to discuss the inner workings of your industry and your approach to work. Even if you only have a small readership, offering something every week can keep you in their thoughts when they come to consider who they want to do business with.

Cross post and inter-post between different social media platforms

Often people who follow you on one social media platform will be unaware that you are also active on other platforms. It can therefore be productive to link to your activity on other platforms when you post on any single given platform.

Focus on video and audio

Video and audio content are much more eye-catching for social media users scrolling down than plain text. Having a video marketing strategy is an essential part of a social media marketing campaign today, but thankfully with the availability of high quality cameras it has never been cheaper to do so.