Printers: One of the Pillars of a Business

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When you think about printers, whether that’s an in-house printer for printing documents or an external supplier for your printed marketing materials, you probably think about two things; the cost and the impact on the environment. However, printers and printing can be an extremely important aspect to your business's success, and the reason why printers are often regarded as one of the pillars of a business.

In-house printing 

No matter what sort of business you are, or what product or service you offer, you will find yourself needing to print out something. Even if you pride yourself on being completely digital, there will be something that needs to be printed, for example, a contract or an invoice.

You may even find that your employees can’t perform successfully without the ability to print documents. Some people find it easier to read the information on a piece of paper vs a computer screen so, to enable them to give you their best performance, you might need to provide them with a printer.

Printing in-house is also an integral part of the day-to-day running of some businesses such as accountants. An accountancy firm, or even an accountant in-house at your company, will need to store a hard copy of invoices, suppliers and/or your own, and potentially hard copies of your books. These will also need to be kept for a number of years. Without an in-house printer stacked with paper and ink, they’d be racking up the cost at the local printing shop. 

Your print marketing

Besides the in-house printing that you’ll need to do, whether it’s a big or small amount, you will find that your business will need a little helping hand from printed marketing materials. Whether that’s the basic letterheads and business cards, to the promotional leaflets and brochures, or even the bigger pop-up banners and stands for events or exhibitions, you will need a way to market your business, and marketing it both online and offline will give you the biggest chance of success.

Why does print marketing still work?

Because it’s accessible, long-lasting, personal, effective, and easily distributed.

Accessible - With the right design, potential customers can read your print marketing whenever and wherever you want them to. From your in-store banners to train stations, on buses, or even petrol pumps.

Long-lasting - posters, leaflets, brochures, you name it, is designed to be durable and to last, especially when printed using great quality paper stocks.

Personal - print marketing can be fully tailored to your needs and your client’s desires, containing all the information you want to give about your product and/or service.

Effective - not only is print marketing effective at reaching your target audience, from those public transport locations to your own store/shop and even in their home, it can be matched to your budgets making it effective in more ways than one.

Easily distributed - we’ve already mentioned the many places your print marketing can appear and these are just the tip of the iceberg - it really can be seen from anywhere!