How Can You Avoid Losing Tools in Your Workplace?

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How Can You Avoid Losing Tools in Your Workplace?

Whether you’re letting employees use company-owned tools or simply find yourself searching for your belongings on a daily basis, it’s worth looking into some practical ways to track your equipment.

There are a number of ways to reduce the risk of you losing tools, from simple things such as rearranging your toolbox to opting for tool tracking via a professional such as ABAX. Decide which is the best option for you with our guide on how to avoid losing tools at work.

Tracking your tools is one of the best options you could have to avoid losing tools at work, with a simple inventory app giving you the ability to connect a GPS to your products. The small trackers are a useful tool and go completely unnoticed in your toolbox, so you can keep a close eye on all of your working essentials – once you start to track, you’ll never look back.

While tracking software is ideal, if you’re after something a little more basic, your best bet would be to organise your toolbox. Invest in a good toolbox that holds everything you need it to, and then build it from there. Organise them in order of how often you use your tools, place the regularly used ones on top, while the less popular ones can remain on the bottom. Never throw them in, or you’ll find you lose them far quicker.

Maybe consider getting into the habit of making a checklist at the end of the day. Count how many tools you have and ensure you’re doing the right things to keep on top of it all. Walk around the site and see if you’ve left anything somewhere it shouldn’t be. Once you’ve looked over everything, that’s when you can start packing up to go home, and it means once you get there you won’t be fretting over the location of your hammer.

If you work for a company where tools are borrowed, consider suggesting a signing out form. That way, if something isn’t returned by the end of the day you know who to go to the following morning. It’s a simple way of ensuring your tools don’t go missing, and it also prevents double booking – it’s a win, win.

It’s also important to keep tools safe to use, maintaining them and keeping a close eye on when they’ll need to be replaced is going to ensure they’ll stay in good working condition. One aspect of keeping your items safe is making sure you know where they are at all times, supervision will allow you to order new tools in advance instead of risking safety with occasional pieces.

There are easy steps to make to keep your tools in one place, even if you let other people use them, you’ll still have the ability to track your items and know where everything is. Particularly if you’re a self-employed labourer and your work depends on your tools – there would be nothing worse than losing an essential piece of your toolbox so follow these tips to keep those essentials close to hand.