Desktop Applications to Drive Efficiencies

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Desktop Applications to Drive Efficiencies

A productive workplace is a successful workplace. Finding quicker and more efficient ways of doing this is how we progress. Fortunately, there are already a multiple of programs out there which can help us do things quicker and faster than ever before. 

In this article, we’ll be looking at a number of desktop applications that will ensure you meet your targets, complete tasks quicker and become an all-round more efficient individual.


If you’re a project manager, then Asana should be your number one tool. It allows you to bring all your team members together into one system, where you can assign tasks, upload work, provide feedback and chase deadlines.

The great thing about Asana is that it emails individuals when given a task, when deadlines are approaching or when they’re past deadline. This means that once you’ve assigned out tasks, Asana acts like the nagging parent, freeing you up to do more important things with your time.

Rescue Time

There is so much to do as a project manager. From communicating with colleagues, to face to face meetings and even giving presentations, time management is one of the most difficult parts of a job.

With Rescue Time, you can monitor how long you spend on different sites and apps, allowing you to hone in on where and when most of your time is wasted. There are a couple of great functions, such as irritating alerts when you’re spending too much time on Facebook, to blocking websites. No more procrastinating.


Trello is a fantastic productivity tool with file-sharing capabilities. It works really well as a way to allocate tasks to individuals in a format that is easy to understand for most. Here you can associate briefs, upload work and move everything down an assembly line until complete.

This works well if you’re working in content management and you’re leading a team of writers and editors. With the ability to view Word documents from Trello directly, we recommend you buy Microsoft Office, as it provides ease of use, and is much more efficient than Pages.


Front is a shared inbox that works for everybody. It combines all of your customer support channels into one easy to use system, where you’ll have access to Facebook Messenger, SMA and email.

From here you can assign one member of staff to look after all three communication streams, ensuring they don’t have to switch from tab to tab, attempting to keep up with multiple messages.

Viral Tag

A solid social media presence is almost crucial to a company’s success nowadays. With some of the biggest brands putting millions into their online presence, it’s a valuable tool for driving user and customer acquisition.

That said, it’s one of the most difficult jobs to do. Regular tweeting really isn’t enough – to get the full use out of social media, you need to use a variety of media. Viral Tag is solely for sharing visuals. With various websites each having their own image size requirements, Viral Tag will help you resize all of your images for all of your channels, saving that much needed time.