Better School Systems with Innovative Technologies

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Working within the educational sector can be demanding work. Whether you’re a teacher, school nurse or receptionist, keeping on top of the student’s learning, wellbeing and paperwork can become tiring. To limit the risk of burning out, though, many technologies can be incorporated into a school’s systems to help with documents, communication and collaboration between teacher and student, as well as other staff members.

Invest in eCommerce

The education sector produces masses of data each and every day. No matter the level of education, whether it’s junior or high school or college, you need to keep your institution running smoothly. Incorporating eCommerce into your administration can provide shortcuts for staff, teachers and students.

Nowadays, students are not always present in the classroom, with online education becoming a more popular choice as the days pass; therefore, ensuring there is an effective means of accessing data and making transactions is ideal.

Investing in a content management system (CMS) means you can control different catalogues should you ever need to deliver different products or services to different students. Students will need access to different information from faculty members, and so, keeping all online services and products in your CMS (and in appropriate catalogs) means you can easily manage and see one set of information. For more information on using eCommerce, head to

Live Stream Lessons and Lectures

Students will, now and then, fall ill. Missing a lecture or lesson will only make them fall behind on their learning through no fault of their own. Therefore, teachers and lecturers should consider live streaming their lessons so sick students can still watch and take notes. It also means they won’t be missing out on coursework or important deadlines.

Facebook Live, allows you to record in real-time, however, it also allows outsiders to view your teaching material. If colleges are reluctant to disclose their teachings to the whole world, then lecturers can use other video sharing apps such as Peek. YouTube Live is also another viable option as you can set up a private live stream where your students can be notified of the event. Make sure to have your students added to your G+ account, otherwise, they won’t be notified.

Improve Documentation Management

Providing an organized, workable documentation system for your admin staff is a must. There’s no longer any need for filing cabinets, and for each individual form to be filed away. Nowadays, this traditional method slows down customer service, is more prone to accidents, and frustrates employees. Dropbox, or other equivalent applications, makes organizing, locating and editing of documents easier and faster. There’s no more documentation chaos, and your school’s system will become a lot more efficient as it helps students, teachers, parents and staff members. 

Instant Communication

We instant message our friends and families, so why not our colleagues? Make sure all teachers have Skype or such downloaded on their laptops or tablets (provide them if do not have one already), so teachers no longer need to send students to speak to teachers, and the receptionist no longer has to track down a student.