No Room to Breathe: 5 Space Saving Office Hacks

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No Room to Breathe: 5 Space Saving Office Hacks

Clutter can lead to unproductivity and with two-thirds of people in the UK irritated by co-worker’s messy desks, it might be time to rethink the organisation and layout of your office. Having no room to breathe is not convenient, so here are 5 space-saving office hacks.

1. Make the most of self-storage

If you’re looking to free up room in your office, why not get rid of items that are not being used such as an old desk or swivel chair? What about that computer in the corner that’s simply gathering dust? While these items might prove useful down the line, popping them into self-storage units will give you more office space on a day-to-day basis. And the best part is, storage facilities will keep your business property safe until you need it again.

2. Maximise vertical space

Maximising the vertical space above your desk is one of the best ways to keep everything neat and tidy without having to invest in bulky draws or cupboards which might not fit properly in your working environment. Shelves are the ideal place to keep stationery, files, documents, framed certificates and other bits and bobs that might otherwise swamp your workstation. As well as wall shelves, you could also opt for storage units that are tall and narrow rather than wide. This will again help to conserve space.

3. Think about a technology upgrade

If your hardware is big and bulky, you might want to think about a technology upgrade. A compact PC or a slim laptop will take up much less room on your desk and if you opt for portable equipment, remote working suddenly becomes a much more viable option. Of course, investing in new equipment costs money, but if you have the budget to do so, think about what gadgets will work best for your office. Another thing you can do is to move larger items such as printers and scanners to a corridor or hallway to free up even more room.

Top tip: Invest in a wireless printer. Keep it neatly on your desk and connect all your devices to it.

4. Convert your documents to a digital format

A fast yet effective space-saving tip that’s cost-effective and practical is to convert all documents into a digital format. This will make it easier than ever to shred and ditch those inconvenient boxes of receipts, financial documents, medical records, business cards, invoices, photos and so on. If you do this, however, don’t forget to keep a backup in case you lose an important file. An external hard drive is one option or you might decide to opt for cloud storage.

5. Wrangle cables for a safe and spacious environment

An office with cables everywhere can look extremely cluttered and unorganised. Even the largest of spaces can start to look smaller and untidy as a result. So, use cable sleeves to manage cables. These corral numerous wires into one bundle which you can then hide away underneath a desk. You can also get peel and stick clips that can help manage individual cables. These adhere to almost any hard surface and are a great office management tool.

Office space can quickly diminish without proper organisation. So, follow these hacks and enjoy a comfortable working environment.