3 Tips Successful Startup Founders Will Tell You

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3 Tips Successful Startup Founders Will Tell You

Every startup has its own journey. Some founders began their journeys from a small home office. Others worked as employees of larger corporations while building their businesses on the side. The stories of today’s successful startups are all very interesting to follow.
While the stories of startup founders are different, they have a few things in common. Look at top founders of today and you will see traits such as hard work and persistence in them. There are also tips you can derive from their stories, and we are going to look at the top three tips to use in this post.

Use Fear to Drive You

Starting a new company is challenging as it is; starting one in today’s economy is even more challenging. There are a lot of factors you can’t control. Some of them are even difficult to predict or forecast. Fear is a feeling you will experience quite often as you try to navigate the market.

The key is to use that fear to your advantage. Whenever you are afraid of the challenges, get into risk management mode and start making cool, calculated decisions based on the resources you have. The risks will always be there; that doesn’t mean you can’t conquer them.

In fact, conquering risks and getting over those fears are what will take your business to new heights. The more you do this, the easier it gets too. It won’t be long before the things you are most afraid of become the things that push you forward the furthest.

Never Stop Learning

The most dangerous comfort zone as a startup owner is when you enter that state of content when it comes to knowledge. You will never know everything, especially in this volatile market. Learning is your greatest tool to move forward.

A friend of mine who happens to own a startup started to take a criminal justice degree online from the University of Cincinnati. The online CJ degree may not be relevant to his business, but the skills and knowledge he picks up along the way allow him to be better at critical thinking and many other things.

You too can use online courses to your advantage. Pursue an MBA if you want to be better at managing your business. Other courses are just as attractive. The degree can even act as a safety net should you ever want to pursue a career.

Understand Your “Why”

Every good startup starts with a good “why” at its core. Why do you want to start a new business? Why did you develop your ideas into products? The “why” matters and it matters even more to stick to it.

Successful startups are startups that continued to follow their original “why” over an extended period of time. It is what customers relate to the most and what keep founders – including yourself – motivated through tough times and challenges.

These are tips – secrets – you should always remember, whether you’re starting a new startup or trying to take your existing business to success. Keep them in mind and there will be no obstacle too big to overcome.