3 Business Ideas for Fashionistas

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3 Business Ideas for Fashionistas

Do you consider yourself a fashionista? Do you take pride in not just being up on current fashion trends, but having the creativity to start trends? For many people, fashion may just be something they feel passionate about, but it doesn’t have to stop there. What if you took that love and knowledge of all things fashion-related and turned it into your dream career? Here are three business ideas that are perfect for fashionistas.

Clothing Designer with a Focus on Luxury Pieces

We all know that styles come and go, which can make the fashion industry quite volatile. The trick is to watch for upcoming trends and know how to best harness the opportunities. As a fashionista, if you've had dreams of designing clothing and creating a brand, it may be wise to set your sights on high-end luxury fashion items. The Asian and Middle Eastern markets are very much interested in these high-end pieces, which could give you a lock on a potential market.

As Rami Cassis explains in a recent blog on Fibre2Fashion, it’s not just about adult luxury fashion pieces either. Kids’ luxury fashion is also in demand, so fashionistas don’t have to feel pigeonholed into the adult market only. It opens another door of opportunity, and the children’s luxury fashion market is still very much untapped.

Independent Merchandiser – Share Your Creative Vision and Skills

Maybe you aren’t interested in designing fashion, but you still have an eye for detail, trends and fashion. If that’s the case, a job as a merchandiser can be perfect. Merchandisers are the ones who design store window displays, how the merchandise is presented in the store, and the layout/design of the store in general. Their job is to make the product as interesting and eye-catching as possible so customers will want to walk in the doors and make a purchase.

You can start your own freelance business where you visit shops, improve their design and the way the merchandise is displayed, and help them to be more competitive with a modern look.

Start Blogging and Share Your Insight

Here’s one that may not come to you right away, but the more you think about it, the more sense it can make. Fashion blogging can be a huge and exciting career path. Depending on how far you want to take it, you may one day find yourself conversing with top designers and well-known industry experts. 

Before starting your blog, here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind:

1.       What purpose does the blog serve? What is its goal?
2.       Do you have an editorial content calendar?
3.       Will you bring in guest bloggers?
4.       Who are you trying to reach with your blog? Who is the blog audience?
5.       How will you market your blog?
6.       How often will you blog?
7.       Do you have social network accounts so you can cross-promote?

Blogging is something that won’t necessarily be a raging success from the start; instead, you’ll need to stick with it and slowly grow a loyal readership and following.

So, if you’re a fashionista, it may be time to stop thinking of it as a hobby and consider it as a career. Following your dreams can be the most rewarding choice you make.