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Victoria Beaumont

  • date_range Joined 9/01/2019
  • business Hungry Shorts Limited
  • public Fitness Clothing
  • room United Kingdom

record_voice_over About me

I have been in the fitness industry for nearly 5 years now, I specialise in Calisthenics & Street Gymnastics. Before this I was Canin Crew with British Airways for nearly 10 years.
I now compete & coach Calisthenics around the Uk and Europe, I’ve worked with major brands on campaigns & have recently begun delivering magazine tutorials for a leading fitness magazine.


business About my business

The fitness industry is ever expanding & the active wear is a huge part of that, I am in a firm believer of looking good and feeling good in what you are wearing regardless of the discipline you are in. I have always struggled to find decent training Shorts that not only look good but are supportive, don’t give you camel toe & are not see through.
So I want to create a whole range of shorts for every size, shape & age that gives women the confidence to wear shorts when they train.


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