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Monika Vajdova

  • date_range Joined 7/12/2016
  • business JUMP IN
  • public Sport
  • room Newbury

record_voice_over About me

I worked as a journalist in a TV and a newspaper, but all my life I love a sport. Unfortunately I damaged my knees during my sports activities as a Insanity, Tabata, running..., but I needed sport. I couldn´t imagine that I have to stay without a sport. ...And I found Jumping - big thanks Jana Kuchtova and Monika Belianska from Slovakia. With them I started my "Jumping career".
I done all the courses for advance trainer in Europe and later in England. I can do it Jumping every day and I don´t feel a pain, my knees are save and healthy.


business About my business

I would like to bring that opportunity in Nebury for everyone who loves sports, but still looking for something healthy, funny, exciting and with great effect for cardio system and burn many calories during short time. Fot these reasons I´m starting with Jumping studio JUMP IN, where you can realize your dream about your lovely shape, good condition and amazing feeling without an exhaustion.
JUMP IN studio will be full of awesome rhythmic music, all the type of Jumping on the personal trampoline - Jumping fitness, Jumping sport, Jumping power, Jumping party, Jumping stretching, Jumping kids and on first place big fun.
I´d like to start with 11 the best quality trampolines with the highest level certificate of health and safety in one jump studio in Newbury - JUMP IN.


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