Laura Gibbons

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record_voice_over About me

I am a mummy, a wife and a lover of life! My name is Laura and I am 29 years old. I am looking to run my own franchise of LMI in the Chester area and cannot wait for what the future holds! My favourite hobby is raising as much money for charity as I can with my husband and 2 daughters.


business About my business

LMI is an exciting business opportunity with model journeys taking place in cities across the U.K. LMI currently holds 4 annual model journeys each year. Our current client base comes in from two areas: Models from ages 3-12 and business sponsors who are able to promote themselves at the end of journey awards night. Children can benefit in many ways, from meeting new friends, having fun to building their confidence, they will also get a chance to create some amazing memories during the process. The children enjoy making fashion outfits from recycled materials as well as experiencing what it is like to be a real little model. We at LMI encourage and promote children inner beauty giving them the strength and belief that they can be or do anything they want to. Children and their parents who take part in LMI journey understand that make-up on children is 100% not allowed this is against all of LMI’s beliefs an values, that all children are beautiful just the way they are. Unlike other model company’s there are no restrictions in entering, (for example: you do not need to be a certain height or weight) The model journeys are for girls and boys of all ages, split into categories from teeny tiny to little.

For models this is a fantastic experience for them to have fun and make friends, its a truly beneficial process for any parent to enter their child in to for example a child experiencing difficulties at home, moving schools or maybe mum wants to bring their child of their shell a little. the process is guaranteed to build any child's confidence. At the end of each journey LMI holds model achievement awards which is a fantastic celebration, bringing both family and friends together to offer their support under one roof.
Leading up to the achievement awards, models will get the opportunity to attend training days and photo shoots to prepare them for their moment to shine. Our models will continue to use the skills they have gained on an on-going basis throughout their life, whether it be to pursue a career in the industry or if it was just to gain a little confidence to prepare them for any obstacles that come their way.


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