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Khalid Zaki

  • date_range Joined 7/02/2019
  • business Guardian Angels Mobile Car Valeting
  • public Automotive
  • room Wolverhampton

record_voice_over About me

I am a ambitious outgoing person likes to mix with other people in a group have joined several networking groups to attract new business and to help the business by having other people market my business also through their contacts.
my enjoyment is being creative and have designed my own Brand and sales leaflets and business cards. I am good at sourcing products that are the best to use in my business. I am friendly and go the extra mile to help my customers. I have built
up a good repour with my intended customer base. Through that I have already found initially 40 customers and have the potential of two garage contracts to valet cars.


business About my business

My Business is to be a Mobile Car Valeter, by which I go to people's houses or places of work and Valet their cars or work vehicles to a Showroom Standard. All work done is by Appointment Only, I use a Waterless Cleaning product alongside
Micro-fibre cloths, which creates a Showroom Shine, all windows, tyres and the internal part of the car is also hoovered and polished. I also shampoo/Vax the seats and carpets as a separate cost, and do engine cleans alongside a valet also
at a separate cost.


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