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Joshua Lewis

record_voice_over About me

My name is Josh Lewis I'm from Dudley I play the violin I watch EastEnders and I also do volunteering for the homeless people and also do different things in go soup kitchens and like to help people and generally make music in my spare time but I'm also now I'm looking to do this as a my professional job and so that's what I've been doing and also been doing a lot of stuff in the media and then started my podcast that's on YouTube and that I'm enjoying that so that's why I'm looking to apply and started my own business which is JJL musicnews an production company
JJL production.


business About my business

Executive Summary
The company has been founded by Joshua Lewis as The business operates to promote several based bands, all with the common element of improvisation. I'm making a podcast and it's about music and also I'm also going to be doing talking about entertainment in the internet industry also will be doing things like I'm rapping also pulling out my own music and stuffI'm losing my own stuff on on music artists as well and also be it's a home and I'm also doing everything at home and it be all based around the entertainment business and also everything to do with things in media and news.and also this is a home business and I'll be doing it on everything from home with my podcasts and so it will be from home or so I'll be putting out my own music and working in the studio me and my album and ep coming up in the UK in this year in 2019.

My business is about my YouTube business which will be mine around music and stuff and also entertainment and also to do with the things we've included in the entertainment business and also including putting out music and stuff for people and also producing music and also writing music for artists and management for the artists and also songs and people Anna name of the business on my YouTube account is JLL news andmusic news basically and that's pretty much what we will be talking about as an entertainment on in the world and what's going on in the world.
Products and Services
This Community music studio is a Dudley based information about the different things in the music business also we will be selling stuff like music and t-shirts and jumpers and stuff like that and also we will be providing different things for organisations and also we will also be it will be also giving back to the community .
The Business Model
a business model basically is basically we will be giving information on things like information entertainment news celebrity news gossip news also the business model also is also based around I'm putting out music and also working with other artists in the industry and also doing and things that we know we need to do in the business and also give giving back to the community because there's also I will end and the company is for the for one of my channels on YouTube will be and I'll be JJL news music.
Kate hill management will be helping people in in the artists that need that I see also to do things like touring or sold to do things with stuff like you know me and also will be supporting artist in in ways of getting in feature in their career and make anybody to talk touring and also doing different things for the artist and hope so social media accounts and also things like things in the industry music industry and most of ill in that will be taking place within the next 3 years and that's the plan for the future and also to make sure I always get a good situation and good contracts with the record labels and things like that will be also one thing that we will make sure that the artists feeling good in the situation so Kate hill management will be the best thing for the people in the community in in bringing artist and running our own things and running businesses for the artist that one oven on businesses as well in a music or entertainment in general.
1.1 Objectives
I've also we will be this meeting at the moment my music and also discipline out things for people and artists and stuff and also will be distributed online pattern online platforms which will be like iTunes ,YouTube, Spotify.


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