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record_voice_over About me

I specialise in Enterprise Network Management and Consultancy, although I studied Economics in University. Building networks and maintaining them is my passion, which I have been doing for more than 14 years.

I enrolled in a CCNA course alongside University, and I loved it so much that I decided that will be my career. After CCNA I studied everything on my own and in 2008 I started working in the UK for a server hosting company.

Six years later I decided to start my own Network Consultancy company, which provides services to companies from the Hosting Industry, Architecture, Datacentres, Restaurants. Cabling, Fibre Optic, Monitoring, Traffic Analysis, Logging, Alerting, Budgeting, Troubleshooting - You name it, we offer it.

Almost a year ago, I saw a shop in Reading selling german Pretzels, and I was outraged by the price! £4.5 for a pretzel was really expensive so I said I will do something about it. My brother owns two bakeries and I discussed with him about how this will work, and we decided to go ahead with it. We will be providing very tasty German Pretzels, fresh and also affordable! With a free cup of Tea or Coffee for larger orders.

As such Happy Pretzel was incorporated and will soon open a shop in Reading, Market Place.

Besides work I also like winning at table tennis, and I also like to play football. Board games with friends are also high on my list, and so are aircraft simulators and classical music.

For those who would like to check, here is my Linkedin profile:


business About my business

We are currently working to open a small bakery in Reading, Berkshire. We will provide freshly baked German Pretzels, with various fillings both savoury (ham, bacon, frankfurters) and sweet (various jams, caramel, bananas, chocolate) and Pizza.

The process focuses on these two products, and even if they have a short shelf life, they can be produced according to the demand, thus minimising wastage and over catering. Once the business is established, we will think about introducing new products.

To top it up, we will be giving a free cup of Tea or Coffee to customers who buy 3 or more pretzels! Because they go well with Tea or Coffee!

Nothing to do with my background and training, but therein lies the challenge!


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