TUE 22 JAN , 10:00 until TUE 22 JAN , 16:00

AI and Automation in the Workplace

Rowley Mile Stands, Newmarket, UKRowley Mile Stands, Newmarket, UK

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology is set to transform workplaces. As its potential grows, so do the concerns and uncertainties for both employers and employees.
Join Acas East of England and leading experts as we consider the impact of increased AI and technology within the workplace. Learn about the benefits and opportunities technology can bring to your business and discover ways to minimise the prospective disruption of this change.Recent surveys suggest that AI will continue to grow and could replace as many as 15 million UK private and public sector jobs within 10 years.

This creates anxiety around employment security and a nervousness amongst employees, poorly informed about the potential benefits it has for them, as well as their employers and the economy as a whole.

By keeping well informed, understanding the potential impacts and making employees an integral part of the process, businesses can be well prepared and can ensure that any necessary change is managed effectively.

Delegates attending this conference will gain a clear understanding of the influences and potential impacts of AI and technology on the workplace. They will also receive ideas and insight into how best to minimise its potential threats and exploit its potential opportunities



Event Organiser:   ACAS

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