Why You Should Embrace The Hard Times in Business

Matt Gubba By Matt Gubba
about 4 years ago read
Why You Should Embrace The Hard Times in Business

In the early days of running a business, it goes without saying you’ll have to face some tough times and testing challenges. It’s a fact of life when starting up which scares off many would be entrepreneurs before they even get started.

But tough times don’t have to be a purely negative thing. In fact, if you look at them in the right way, they can be seen as quite a positive part of the entrepreneurial journey.

Here as some great reasons why you should embrace the tough times and challenges you’re bound to face when starting a business.

They make your successes feel more rewarding

If starting a business was easy, and everything came to you without a fight, it wouldn’t feel so rewarding when you win. The deeper the troughs are, the higher the peaks will feel in comparison.

There’s a very relevant quote here which I’ve always loved. It says:

“Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.”

They increase your entrepreneurial stamina

Persisting through tough times is the equivalent of training your entrepreneurial muscles. The more adversity you expose yourself to, the more equipped you become at handling it…

And let me tell you this…

Handling adversity and being able to persist in the face of it is arguably the most important entrepreneurial skill of all.

They improve your confidence in the long run

Perhaps the most significant benefit of enduring tough times, is once you’ve faced them and come out the other side, you gain a fresh appreciation of what you are actually capable of.

Always remember:

Nothing builds your confidence more than pushing yourself far beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone.