Why You Need to be Online

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Why You Need to be Online

More than 50% of all small businesses fail in the first four years, with incompetence, lack of experience and catchall categories being the leading causes of failure. However, there are many ways to improve your chances.

Many small businesses may believe that they cannot benefit from having a website, or that it is not within their budget. These are drastic misconceptions, and ones which could greatly harm your startup’s success. The below reasons prove why your company needs a professional website, no matter what size your business; whether you are new or well-established.


More than 96% of Americans use the internet to search for products or services, as well as order shopping online. Therefore, your business will gain credibility by having a website; it can also seem more trustworthy. By staying offline, a huge percentage of your target market will find your competitors instead, meaning you lose out.

However, to become credible, you must have a professional website. Hire a graphic designer and ask a writer to produce content to put on your site. This professionalism will inspire greater confidence in your company’s ability. It is also crucial that you choose a hosting company that will cater to all your online needs, website hosts such as Smart Hosting offer a variety of packages that cater to various business sizes.

Line of Communication

Depending on what you are selling, your website can be used as an online catalogue, so potential customers can view the products or services you have to offer; keeping them updated with the latest information. Unlike the traditional print, changing your online content can be quick and cost-effective.

You also sync up your website with any social media accounts you have set up for your business. This provides a line of communication for your customers, so they can get in contact with you easily, whether it is to voice some concerns or offer a brilliant review. Websites and social media is also a great place to promote upcoming events and special discounts.


A website, depending on how reliable your web host is, is available 24/7 and 365 days of the year. Therefore, your site will be available for potential customers to browse through, regardless of their timezone, meaning you can tap into the global market. With today’s busy lifestyle, and people working far longer hours than ever before, people are more inclined to find a website due to its ease of accessibility.
Wider Market

As a retailer, a website is optimal for you to sell your products. You can hit international markets and offer worldwide delivery, meaning your brand could become a global, household name. With a larger target market for you to tackle, you have more chance of success. If you do not believe your products or services fit a global market, consider that even houses are now sold through online estate agents.

Cost Effective

Although you will have to spend money on a web host, website designer and content writer, the potential reach of a website can achieve much more than traditional forms of marketing and advertising. To update your website, it is less costly than constantly trying to change print advertising.

Harnessing the web is a crucial business tool, even for businesses who may think their services should remain offline. If you are a small business, it is unlikely you have a large budget, however, there are web hosting plans suited for every business.