Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs 0800 Numbers

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Living in an age of rapid technological advancements means that we are constantly surrounded by advertisements and information about businesses, which can be overwhelming for even the most clued-up consumer. One way to make your business stand out from the competition is to switch to a 0800 number; a simple process that can produce excellent results. Keep reading to find out more about how 0800 numbers can help your business.

Be memorable!

Using a 0800 number is one way to be confident that your number will be far easier to remember for potential customers or clients. Many people remember jingles with phone numbers in them, and often these numbers start with 0800, as they're often easier to memorise than perhaps a number with a geographical prefix. In the age of the internet, it may seem unnecessary for a customer to remember a business' telephone number. However, it is certainly more likely that, when they require goods or services that you offer, you may be the first business in mind to receive their custom. According to the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing, if your business has a 0800 number, advertising response rates can increase as much as 185%. This is a huge potential benefit for something that is often easy to set up and costs a relatively small amount of money. 

Customer and client benefits

As of 2015, calls to 0800 numbers are free from both mobile phones and landlines. This is excellent news for both the customer, who may be more inclined to contact a business that they don't face a charge for just for making an enquiry and the business, who may experience more telephone-based communication from their customers. Despite the majority of people in the UK having access to the internet, many may still prefer communicating via telephone. The relatively low cost of setting up and maintaining a 0800 number, often even lower than the price of a web domain, means that customers who choose this method of communication are just as satisfied with your reliability and efficiency as online customers. 

0800 numbers are often formally referred to as Non-Geographic Numbers, or NGNs, for a reason. Having a number that is not prefixed with a geographic area code signals availability to the potential customer; it shows availability to those who may be based further afield. By not revealing your geographical location, potential customers and clients from outside of your area may be more inclined to do business with you. In addition, it indicates professionalism and expertise. Anyone can have a regular landline number, but businesses use NGNs. Having a specially selected telephone number can even have the effect of making your business appear more trustworthy to your potential customer and client base, giving the impression that, as a business, you have more consideration for customers than for profits. All of these points give customers more confidence in you.

Easy as 123 (or 0800)

Buying 0800 numbers for your business has never been easier. Nowadays, there is no need for engineers or specialist equipment at your place of business – the setup process happens remotely. With Capital Telecom, there is often no setup fee at all, and contracts start from as little as £9.99 a month. This is an incredibly simple way of improving your business image, and, because you are billed by the second, you are only charged for the time spent interacting with your customers and clients. 

With all of the benefits of using a 0800 number to both you and your customers, it makes good business sense to make the switch.