The Same Page: How to Get Each Employee Aligned With Strategy

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When the leaders of your company sit down to decide on a new direction for the new quarter there are always several factors that should be considered: how should you interpret market research to find your next steps; are your employees happy and how close are you to reaching your current goals? However, one thing which can often be overlooked is the importance of getting whichever strategy you do decide on to be clearly actionable and comprehensible to the whole company. 

This might not seem that important from the top, but it can have huge effects and positive benefits throughout the company structure. An effective way to get the whole company aligned with your chosen strategy is to invest in a unified communications platform.

What is a unified communications platform?

Unified communications platforms are a way of consolidating all the communications technologies a company uses to a single service. As a result of this consolidation It becomes possible to run phones, video calling and data from a single service. This allows for fast and cheap communication between colleagues. In busy businesses where people use several different platforms it is sometimes possible for different people and departments to work at cross-purposes to each other.

Some workers find themselves expending time and energy in ways that turn out to be unhelpful or confusing to customers because there is confusion as to what the main strategy objectives are, and what each department’s remit is. Lack of big picture knowledge can leave workers feeling their work does not matter. Unified communications can help this by making it possible to clear up uncertainty, but also to make it clear what each arm of the business’ part is in the overall strategy.

What can unified communications offer your business, to get everyone behind your strategy?

If you are not sure why you should be interested in this route, for example by considering Unified Communications Solutions by Gamma, there are several reasons for any business to consider it. A serious one is the possibility for people to work remotely.

The value of remote workers cannot be overstated. With remote workers able to work effectively, and to be clear what they are contributing, it is possible for the worker to save on commuting costs, as well as to lower the environmental impact of both the company and your employees. Remote workers show greater positivity and productivity, and companies which offer the option of remote work often seem to perform better.

With a well-structured unified communications system, you can use your remote working opportunities to overcome the trap of needing to be situated in the most expensive regions to be near the best talent. Instead, the qualified talent you need can be found online, freeing you up to find the best workers, who might be at the other end of the country or abroad. It is important if you have a large number of remote workers that a manager checks in fairly regularly in one-to-one sessions to be certain everyone understands the company’s chosen strategy direction. This has never been easier than with unified communications.