INTERVIEW: We Talk to Stephen Fear, Entrepreneur in Residence at The British Library

Matt Gubba By Matt Gubba
over 9 years ago read

Having begun his business career at the tender age of just 14, Stephen Fear is a true example of what can be achieved when starting from nothing.

Fear had little in the way of formal education, having only been to school for around a year in total. He spent his teens living in a one bedroom flat on a Bristol council estate, sharing a room with his father. His first business Easy Clean was started from a phone box at the end of his road, and subsequently sold around 4 years later for £100,000. The proceeds of the sale where then invested in property. Stephen now boasts a vast empire with interests ranging from property, hotels, IT, Care Homes, manufacturing and more, and his total wealth is currently estimated in the hundreds of millions.

Stephen is a patron of Heropreneurs, the military charity based in London and is or has been a contributor to many prestigious magazines and international newspapers including The Financial Times, The Times, The Daily Express, The Bristol Evening Post, London Loves Business, CIMA Magazine and the Banking Industry’s in-house publication, Balance.