How to Maximise Your Lunch Break at Work

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How to Maximise Your Lunch Break at Work

While most employees will be entitled to a lunch break each day, many people often feel guilty about taking their allotted hour or will push on to work through their mounting task list.

However, skipping a lunch break could lead to a lack of productivity and a poor workplace performance. Rather than skipping it altogether, you must aim to make the most of the time, which could help you to relax and flourish in your role. Find out how to maximise your lunch break at work.

Grab a Bite to Eat

It is crucial you grab something to eat on your lunch break. If you don’t, you will soon start to feel sluggish and headachy. Food is fuel, which is why you must treat yourself to a sandwich, a healthy salad, or a comforting soup. It can ultimately increase your glucose intake, which will provide you with more energy throughout the day.

It might even help to consume the following foods that can boost your brainpower:

• Green, leafy vegetables (for example, kale, broccoli, and spinach)
• Berries
• Fatty fish (such as tuna, salmon, cod, and pollack)
• Walnuts

The healthy ingredients could also increase your motivation and improve your self-image.

Take a Break from Your Tasks

It can be easy to feel tired, lethargic, and stressed when working your way through a mountain of tasks. For this reason, you must take a break from your to-do list on your lunch break, which could help you to recharge your batteries and enjoy some mental clarity.

Use this time to play a fun game on your smartphone, call up a loved one, catch up on the latest news, or to even place a bet on the Mega Millions. It will ensure you return to your duties with greater concentration and increased energy levels.

Go for a Walk Outdoors

Various studies have found that a stroll in a quiet park can increase a person’s attention span. If you are struggling with stress or are unable to concentrate on a project, it might be beneficial to walk in a green space or to even leisurely stroll down a street. Walking can be an effective way to lift your mood and increase your focus, so you will be ready to tackle the rest of the day when you return to work.

Exercise Your Body

If you have an hour lunch break, use it well by working out at a local or on-site gym, if possible. It will not only allow you to slot physical activity into your day, but exercise can provide a wide variety of benefits, such as:

• An improved mood
• Increased confidence
• A reduction in stress
• A greater self-esteem

So, spend half an hour pumping weights or tackling a cardio exercise before enjoying a shower and returning to the workplace. It can be a great way to relieve some stress and increase your energy levels. Exercise could, therefore, support your performance in the workplace and improve your job satisfaction.