How to Boost Morale and Cultivate a Great Company Culture

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How to Boost Morale and Cultivate a Great Company Culture

Company culture is key nowadays. It is more important to employees than job security or even wage, and, if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Our lifespans are getting longer, and retirement is not as easy nor as secure as it used to be. Many millennials and their younger counterparts will probably need to work longer than we do before they are even allowed to retire. In short, nowadays you cannot burn through until retirement. Today, you need to aim to be happy throughout your career, so that your quality of life every day can be vastly improved.

This focus on wellness is so important that you can even attract top talent despite not offering the best salaries, simply because people want to love where they work. To create such a welcoming company culture, all you will need to do is the following.

Offer Benefits that Support Health and Wellbeing

Businesses need to care about the health and wellbeing of their employees. If they don’t, then the only result will be a disgruntled employee who in turn does not care about you. Caring for them doesn’t take much effort, either. Have a great break room that allows them to bring meals from home, be a bit flexible with hours so that they can accommodate their home life better, and even partner with local businesses so that you can give them discounts for places like the gym.

Get Everyone Together for a Common Goal

Another great way to boost morale is to bring everyone together. Everyone doesn’t need to be friends, but they do need to get along and know how to work together. Ways to encourage this behaviour include:

 1. Play as a Team

If you are a local business see if you can work with others near you to put together a sports league. Football, for example, is a great way to again encourage your employees to stay fit. As your employees would be on the same team, however, it will also boost comradery and teamwork.

 2. Go on a Fun Bonding Experience

Solve puzzles together, go on a retreat or trip together, or whatever else is available to you. In short, get your employees out of the office and into a situation where they need to work together creatively.

 3. Play the Lotto Together

When offices pool together resources to play the Lotto they share not just in the potential reward, but in the experience. Everyone has equal chances to win, so they can bond together over that commonality. The only thing you need to do as an employer is organise it, and you can benefit from boosted morale and inter-employee relations.

When you create a family in your office, everyone is happier, but more importantly, they are more productive and are great at working together. Your employee retention will be high, you can attract the top talent and train up your current employees, and above all help better the lives of every person in your employment.