How Email Can Better Your Online Reach

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How Email Can Better Your Online Reach

Nowadays, most audiences can be found online – via smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Therefore, many companies have made the transition from offline to online, through their marketing, advertising and even sales. Whereas brick-and-mortar stores used to bring in the most profits, people are now much more likely to buy products and services online. How can you improve your online reach, though? Establishing an effective email marketing strategy is your best bet. 

Automate Your Emails for Better Customer Engagement

Save time, and limit your employee frustrations, by utilising automation software for your email campaigns. Engage existing customers with relevant and timely company updates. Once you’ve collected your relevant data and segmented the results, connect with your customers via automation with a timely email.

Automation can help smooth over the transition from browsing to check out, and with 69% of online shopping carts abandoned, you can remind them of their shopping and persuade then to complete the purchase. It’s been found that 320% more revenue is generated because of automation.

Personalisation is Key When Retaining Customers

There is little point automating your emails if they are not personalised; sending a tailored e-mail appeals to customers, and you will retain them – after all, loyal customers are the best customers of all. Therefore, ensure your emails are relevant to the customer, otherwise your click-through rates and sales will deplete.

By personalising your email in ways such as fun subject lines, engaging and relevant copy and applicable offers and deals, you will entice your customers into clicking-through. In fact, personalised emails bring in 2.5x more click-through rates and 6x more sales, compared to emails that lack personalisation, are a one size fits all message, or contains irrelevant data. Retaining your customers is less expensive than trying to find new ones, and it also means your brand’s image will become more trustworthy and reliable.