How do consumers feel about adverts on streaming services?

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How do consumers feel about adverts on streaming services?

In the past decade or so, streaming services have dominated the TV industry and began to outshine traditional television viewing, with the likes of Netflix and Prime Video bursting onto the scene. And with many paid and free streaming services arising, this has created a fantastic opportunity for advertisers to distribute ads before during content that is streamed on these platforms.

But with the addition of ads on these streaming platforms, how do consumers really feel about them?  Let us take a look at some of the most common consumer reactions to adverts on streaming services.

What are streaming ads? OTT Advertising

Over the top advertising is advertising that is provided directly to viewers over the internet via streaming video services or devices such as smart or connected televisions. OTT services by Finecast and other advertising agencies can be affordable and efficient, helping you to effectively target the consumer base of your choosing. 

So, now we know what OTT advertising is, let us take a look at how consumers feel about it. 

Too many ads

The general consensus of surveys carried out among consumers of all ages is that adults of all ages believe that there are too many ads on streaming services, and that there should be less. Though admittedly many consumers feel that streaming services display the right amount of adverts, the majority admitted to there being too many.

Having said this, however, streaming services actually distribute a smaller ad load than traditional linear television at just four to eight minutes per hour as opposed to 17 minutes – so streaming is clearly much better than linear TV for those who enjoy watching less ads.

Useful and relevant ads

In a poll carried out among UK consumers, over half preferred video ads, while 37 percent said they wanted to watch adverts which provided useful and relevant information to them - based on their viewing habits.

Developing too many ads could turn out bad for advertisers and their brand. So, rather than producing unnecessary material that is unlikely to catch consumer attention, they should instead focus on one themed campaign that appeals to their target market’s interests and opinions.

Binge adverts

Statistics have also shown that the majority of consumers prefer ‘binge ads’ throughout their streaming content rather than the likes of ‘pause ads’. Research has actually found that consumers favoured ‘interactive ads’ the least of all streaming ad strategies.

Sceptical of targeted ads despite being helpful

Many consumers find targeted ads on streaming services to be very invasive, somewhat informative and rather helpful. However, many consumers also find the idea of targeted ads to be skeptical and somewhat unsettling.  This suggests that consumers want to see adverts for products and services that suit them and they could actually need, yet the whole idea of targeting and utilising data to do so seems quite disturbing for some.

Dislike repetitiveness

A large number of consumers do not want to view the same ad too many times as it becomes repetitive, especially if the ad is no longer useful to them. After all, who likes to see the same piece of material over and over again if it's of no use to them?

Overall, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when developing adverts for use on streaming services. By effectively balancing all the pros and cons, you will be able to maximise consumer and viewer satisfaction.