How Can a Chatbot Benefit Your Business?

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How Can a Chatbot Benefit Your Business?

Dealing with customers is an important part of any business. Handling large quantities of customer enquiries, questions and complaints is major undertaking that needs careful consideration and planning in order to do effectively.

One way to streamline and improve these processes is to utilise a chatbot. Software provider FlowXO explains how when used correctly a chatbot can be a huge benefit to your business.

Streamline processes

Chatbots allow you to engage with customers without human interaction. While this might sound impersonal at first what this does allow is for a consistent and streamlined way of engaging with customers.

This allows you to gather the information necessary to deal with each customer, and then automatically either deal with that customer request or hand control over to a human customer service advisor to provide additional support.

When control is handed over to a customer any information that has already been collected is readily available, allowing that staff member to pick up exactly where the chatbot left off.

The benefit to doing things this way is that you can handle customer enquiries without sacrificing quality, as each initial interaction is machine controlled. This gives you a consistent approach across whatever channel customers reach out to you through, whether this is social media or through the chat feature on your website.

Handle volume

In some sectors the number of enquiries you receive can be more than a customer service team can handle in an efficient and timely manner.

Because a chatbot can deal with customers without human involvement it allows your business to handle volume and basic customer requests without having to involve members of your team.

Your team can then use their time to handle more involved requests from customers and provide additional customer service when necessary.

In industries such as the financial sector or claims businesses being able to handle large volumes of requests quickly is key as potential clients are likely to have contacted multiple businesses meaning you’re effectively trying to respond before your competitors in order to make the best possible impression.

Free-up time

Being able to handle volume using a chatbot frees up your customer service team to provide a more in-depth and effective level of service when necessary.

If a customer has a query or issue that can’t be handled by a chatbot control can be passed over to a member of your team.

This can be done without a staff member needing to rush to return to completing simple tasks that can be handled by the chatbot allowing them the time to deal with the customer in the most effective way possible.

Then, once the customer is satisfied control can be handed back to the chatbot and the team member can move onto helping the next customer.

Chatbots benefit a business by helping you to handle increased volumes of enquiries, ease pressure on staff and give you a level of control over your interactions with customers that allows you to provide consistent messaging wherever your business exists.

This streamlining and increased control can in turn give you an advantage over your competitors and enable you to provide your customers with a significantly more effective level of customer service.