How to Ensure Staff Productivity When Arranging a Special Business Event

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How to Ensure Staff Productivity When Arranging a Special Business Event

Want to know how to ensure good staff productivity when organising a special business event? Then read on to discover our top hints and tips:

A rallying cry

As part of your planning process in the lead up to the event, hold a meeting with your staff to communicate the purpose and goals of the event. This way you’ll all be singing from the same hymn sheet on the day. If your team’s going to include a significant proportion of temporary and event staff, then hold another rallying cry just before the event gets started to inform and motivate your team. In fact, that’s not a bad idea whether or not you’ve engaged temporary staff.

Let your team shine

Empower your team to make decisions at your business event. Empowerment gives your colleagues a sense of ownership, engagement and motivation. Moreover, a motivated team is a team who’ll go the extra mile for you. In addition, allowing your team to make decisions will also streamline the process, facilitating faster decisions. This will enable your team to respond in a timelier manner to changing events and circumstances. This could prove important in nipping problems in the bud, allowing the event to run smoothly and in no small way contributing to its success. If every decision has to be escalated and decided by committee, it can lead to delay and client dissatisfaction.

Moreover, it’s often people on the ground floor who have the most knowledge of the day-to-day operations of the business and your clients. Escalating a decision away from the event floor, so to speak, could lead to it being decided by those who albeit more senior, may actually have less relevant knowledge. In addition, empowerment to make decisions will give your team valuable management experience, assisting them in developing their careers and ultimately meaning you’ll benefit from a more experienced team. So giving your colleagues the power to make decisions is a win-win situation all round.

Be flexible

Your team may well have talents and skills that they don’t get to use in their day-to-day work, like speaking additional languages for example. It’s at a special event that these hidden talents could come into play to the business’s advantage. If you’re drafting in additional event staff, remember they are likely to have substantial experience of running special business events like yours. So let them transfer their skills, knowledge, industry contacts and more, to your event. They may be just the people to troubleshoot and problem solve should a problem arise.

A light touch

Communication is crucial and it’s important to stay in touch with your team at all levels. So, don’t distance yourself, keep in touch and do the rounds, but do this with a lightness of touch. Being overbearing will only serve to damage the team’s motivation and engagement, and that could be detrimental to the event’s success. Remember, communication works both ways and it’s important to listen too.

So there you have our tops tips for organising a special business event, from empowering your team, to communicating well and remembering to listen too. We hope you’ve found this helpful and that your event is a roaring success.