Is this illegal? 6 laws you might be breaking on the road

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While out on the road, there may be some rules or things you do that don’t feel quite right. Like, is it okay to drive barefoot? Can you beep your horn? What about parking in front of a junction? You’ve probably heard a number of rules about each of these things but are still a little unsure whether they’re illegal or not. Here, we’ve broken down five laws that you may be breaking while on the road - to ensure you stay safe (and legal) at all times. 

1. Insurance fronting 

Some young drivers have parents who pay for the cost of their car insurance by putting the policy in their name and having the young driver as a named driver, rather than putting them as the policy holder even though they’ll be the main user of the car. Many don’t realise that this is called fronting and it is actually illegal. Fronting in car insurance means your Mum or Dad take out an insurance policy and save you money by telling the provider they are the main driver of the car - when in fact, it’s just you driving it. Older drivers with more experience can usually get a much better deal - and they don’t think insurers will care about who actually drives the vehicle more. Fronting is illegal, and doing so could invalidate the insurance, meaning you’ll be driving around without cover. Instead of being tempted to break the law, look into an alternative. Black box insurance from the likes of providers such as WiseDriving can save you money as it monitors your driving and can help make you better behind the wheel too. 

2. Beeping your horn 

You might think a quick beep of the horn is fine - perhaps you’re letting your friend know you’re outside or another driver has cut in front and you want to make them aware of what they’ve done - but in some circumstances it’s actually illegal. For example, it is illegal to use your horn on a road with street lights and residential houses between 11.30pm and 7am. Using your horn to let other drivers know you’re annoyed at them could also land you a fine of up to £1,000, as it could be seen as aggressive driving. The only time you should be using your horn is to let other road users aware of your presence if they haven’t seen you – and not for releasing your road rage.

3. Driving too slowly 

If you prefer a leisurely drive, just ensure you’re not going too slow. You might not think driving below the speed limit is a bad thing but you can actually be penalised for going too slowly - as it can cause other motorists to act irrationally and disrupt the flow of traffic. You can be pulled over and given a verbal warning or even have points added to your licence. 

4. Not clearing snow and ice from your roof 

You might think that simply clearing your windscreen and windows is enough, but not clearing snow and ice from your car roof could land you a £60 fine and three penalty points. This is because snow coming off the back of your car as you drive can obstruct other drivers, which could cause an accident. This video demonstrates just how much damage snow and ice can cause. 

5. Having a dirty number plate 

We’re all guilty of leaving too much time between car washes but if your vehicle is really dirty - so much so that the number plate is unreadable - then this could land you with a £100 fine and may lead to you failing your MOT if it’s not cleaned before your test. 

6. Swearing or making rude gestures at other drivers

Road rage can take over sometimes but avoid doing these things in the heat of the moment to ensure you definitely don’t end up with a fine of up to 75% of your weekly income. Acting aggressively towards other drivers can be considered ‘disorderly behaviour’ and is an offence. 

While out on the road avoid doing any of these to stay safe and avoid being fined or losing points on your licence.