6 Actionable Project Management Tips

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6 Actionable Project Management Tips

Project management entails the dual roles of managing the work deliverables while also managing the team. Falling short on either of these two vital things can lead to a delay in the completion of the project. It can also lead to unnecessary stress. Here are six tips to ensure successful project management. 

Clearly Define the Work & Roles

 Before you start a project, make sure you outline everything your project needs, and clearly define who will do what. If you need to outsource some of the work, such as web design, find the right resources beforehand. Assign roles to the most appropriate team member and make sure your team has all the resources they need to ensure a smooth workflow. You can design a checklist for each role and outline the type of communication and milestones you expect from every team member. The bottom line is, when every team member knows exactly what is expected of them, both work and communication wise, your team will be much more efficient and cohesive. 

Reduce Distractions

 Take charge of the productivity of the team. Minimise the ways the work might be derailed. You might need to proactively identify the pain points and the potential areas of possible conflict. Make sure every team member recognises the importance of the timeline and knows they can come to you for resolution. 

Set Realistic Deliverables

 As a project manager, your role is to encourage your team members to push themselves to the best of their abilities. But you also don't want to cause employee burnout. The successful project manager walks the fine line between encouraging the team to aim higher while ensuring good morale. So, be careful that you set high but manageable deliverable expectations. 

Use the Right Tools

 This entails not just using the right tools for the actual project management, but also ensuring your team has access to the right software and tools to complete their work smoothly and correctly. So, pick the right project management software, which can then help you keep track of all your and the team’s needs, timelines, roles etc. 

Revisit the Project After Completion

 Once the final deliverables are out the way, it's a good idea to reflect back on what worked and what could have been better. Speak with your team candidly about improvement in areas that need it. Make sure you give praise where it is due. Thank the team for coming together to successfully deliver the project. 

Network with Other Project Managers

 Speaking with or interacting online with other project managers can help you create a support base when you need advice or recommendations. Make sure you provide input and suggestions when someone else needs it too. Interacting with a thriving community of project managers is a great way to stay in the know about your field and learn about the latest industry news and tools. Successful project management needs proactive planning and open communication. Use the above tips to ensure you and your team complete a project smoothly and efficiently.