5 Top Tips to Successfully Land a Marketing Job

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5 Top Tips to Successfully Land a Marketing Job

Marketing is used in every industry which is why a career in this sector comes with unlimited opportunities. You can follow a career in market research, brand management, advertising, promotions and public relations but each of these comes with its own competition for jobs. However, knowing how to market your own personality, qualifications and skills should give you a fighting chance at securing a permanent role with a leading company in the industry.

1. Know the field inside and out

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but if you’re looking to get into marketing, then it’s vital that you know the field well. There are a number of different departments within the marketing sector, and new graduates will typically start their marketing career in the role of Market Researcher, Product Manager or Assistant Brand Manager with the opportunity to progress to a top position in time. Make sure that you’re aware of the leaders in the field, the different types of roles that marketing can offer and what skills employers are looking for in this growing and creative industry. Another way to increase your chances is by furthering your knowledge with additional study. For example, the Chartered Institute of Marketing offers an Introductory Certificate in Marketing course that will demonstrate how committed you are to potential employers. This may be a good step if you haven’t got a marketing degree.

2. Network network network

In recent years, the importance of networking has increased tenfold. Why? Because it gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge, learn from others and meet new people that may eventually land you a job. Be visible and get noticed on social media as this will build your reputation as someone that is knowledgeable in the field. If you’ve already undertaken some work experience, make sure you get references from previous employers and seek their assistance with finding something new. After all, they may know someone in the marketing field which they can recommend you to. Be aware that many companies advertise graduate employment opportunities on social media so check sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for marketing-related businesses.

3. Be willing to undertake work experience

When it comes to establishing a career in marketing, work experience is vital. If you’re still at university, there are many reputable companies that tend to offer competitive summer placements that can sometimes lead to a more secure graduate role. You should also keep your eye out for internships and placements that can further your knowledge and skills of the field which will ultimately increase your chances of landing your dream job. Don’t be afraid of sending speculative applications to a company that you find appealing as many can offer voluntary positions that will show you have the right attitude and strengthen your CV.

4. Write a stand-out application

Marketing is all about coming up with innovative solutions and ways to advertise a product or service so by bearing this in mind it shouldn’t be difficult to write a cover letter that makes you stand out from the crowd. Marketing jobs are usually writing-intensive so, when working on your application, you should focus your time on a writing sample that will wow your potential employer. It can be a huge challenge to show that you have the right attitude for the job, but the first step to landing a marketing job is by knowing how to effectively market yourself.

5. Advertise your additional skills

It’s true that employers in the marketing field will want to know your understanding of digital marketing, analytical and numerical skills, your commercial awareness and how well you can communicate with others but there are some other skills that will make you stand out too. You’ll have already demonstrated your writing ability with your application, but other things you should advertise are your IT skills (your knowledge of social media is an important one), your initiative when it comes to decision making and how well you’re able to work in a team. This can be done by discussing your extracurricular activities in your cover letter or with your interviewer on the day. Remember that in your interview, it’s likely that you’ll be faced with some real-time challenges where you might have to instantly come up with a plan so prepare well beforehand to make sure you perform well.

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